Grade 7 – SMART Challenge

Today we prove our SMARTS

Trivia Please



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Grade 8 Final Project – Water Systems Video

To complete our study of water systems we will be making a video that models a natural water system.

The outcome of this assignment is:

Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian landscape. [DM, SI]


  1. Create a written, visual, physical, or dramatic representation of the processes that lead to the development of rivers, lakes, continental drainage systems, and ocean basins, including glaciation, continental drift, erosion, and volcanic action.
  2. Relate factors that affect glacier formation and reduction and their effects on the environment to the formation of glacial landforms in Saskatchewan (e.g., drumlins, moraines, eskers, and kettle lakes).



River Delta Formation – Connor,Desire, Will

Young River Representation- Brent, Geneva, Brett

Mature River Representation- Rachele, Elgin, Desmon, Jayde

Old River Representation – Emma-Lyn, Cole,  Alex

Continental Glacier Representation- Brooklyn,Madison,  Ashley, Molly

Valley Glacier Representation – Joel, Braydon, Rylan

Moon or Crescent Lake Formation – Damon, Caitlin, Mitch

Wave Erosion -Tyson, Clea, Tanner

Flood Plain Representation-Ashna, Haley, Dylan

Dams- Amy, Seth, Honey, Brody

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Lake Lenore Water Issues

Carrot River Watershed Map

What makes his watershed unique?

List issues that have arisen in the past few years.

Star Phoenix -June 2007

Star Phoenix –  June 2010

Western Producer Article – April 11, 2011

Western Producer Article – April 14, 2011

Sask News Release – Sept 2011

Humboldt Journal – Sept 2011


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Battle of the Solar System Videos

You decide the winner!

Hunt for Alien Worlds 

Origins of the Solar System


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Carbon Footprint Links

How Stuff Works 


Good – Better – Best

1. The Nature Conservatory

2. Kids Carbon Footprint Calculator

3. Carbon Footprint LTD

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Watershed Links

First Nation water use

Saskatchewan Map

Saskatchewan watersheds

Canada Watersheds


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Grade 8 – Unit 4 – Water Systems On Earth

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Our next unit is all abut the interaction between water and our Earth.

There are 3 sections that are covered by 3 outcomes

  1. Analyze the impact of natural and human-induced changes to the characteristics and distribution of water in local, regional and national ecosystems.
  2. Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian landscape.
  3. Analyze natural factors and human practices that affect productivity and species   distribution in marine and fresh water environments.

What are some big ideas for this unit?

Go to

A. There are 3 graphic organizers on the page

1. Bar Graph

2. A picture of the Earth with representative water drops

3. A Chart of the world’s water distribution

B. Which of these is the best graphic for you to learn from? Tell why.

Check out this water cycle for kids. Tell two things you learned from it.

C. go to

Describe the map.

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Tuskegee Airmen and Flight

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Grade 6- X-15 Interactive

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Grade 6 – History of Flight

History of Aviation Links

Canada Silver Dart

 Canadian Women in Aviation

Apollo 11 Command Module 

Canadian Aviation Timeline


Smithsonian Museum

Canadian Aviation And Space Museum

Wright Brothers

Wright Flyer

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