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Grade 8 – April 9- Don’t Bully the Hydra

Today’s lesson is about the hydra   You may remember the hydra of Greek mythology Today we will view the brown hydra and learn about this small animal. 1. Complete any work not handed in  1-2, 1-3, 1-4, Venn diagram 2. Act 1-5 Hydra Observation and sketch  at stations as stations become available. 3. Late […]

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Grade 8 – April 7

Today will be our last day studying Unicellular Organisms An expectation of today’s lesson is that you will be busy and focused on your work. 1. Complete 1-2 and 1-3. Must be handed in by 9:00 Tuesday. 2. Observe and sketch 1-4 Paramecium – If there is a line up skip to 4 & 5 […]

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Circuit Building Grade 6

Electro Problems steps to success 1. Copy the problem onto your sheet 2. discuss problem with your partner 3. Draw you solution 4. Build your solution at 5. Check off if you were sucessful or not. 6. If you were – come to the front and build your circuit. If you weren’t – go back […]

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Grade 6 – You be the Judge

Which of these two websites would be better to learn about current electricity?   Why? Give three reasons.

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Listen and learn with my favorite podcast-How Stuff Works. In this episode Josh and Chuck talk about electricity. As you listen write (or draw representations about) on your community thought page. New words – define them if you can An idea -what is something you learned Reflection – compare what is being discussed to something […]

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Grade 6 Static Magic Ideas

Here are some cool demos that may work as Magic Show tricks   Bill Nye van de graaf demo Kissing balloons -Mr Hill Florescent tube light up -Mr Hill salt / pepper picker upper -Mr Hill Static Hockey Game – Science Journal Uphill Rolling Can – Mr Hill Dancing Cereal – Science Journal  

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Grade 8 – Cell parts review

Link for review page Microscope parts quiz

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Grade 6 – SaskPower Mindmap

Our next assignment will be to create a mindmap with information we will be learning from the SaskPower Education Website. We will learn about power terms, current types of generation facilities and possible future options. Today we will explore these three topics and make a draft of what our mindmap will look like. You will […]

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Grade 8 Topics for Article Summaries

Today we are going to be reading articles that are related in some way to buoyancy. We will use the GIST Summarizing technique and then share what we learned in class. Let’s start by practicing on an article about a bathyscaphe     How Stuff Works: Submarine surface and diving Plimsoll Line – Pearson Science […]

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Grade 6 – Saskatchewan Electricity History Links

Past  Pearson Saskatchewan Science 6 – Think Again – Electricity in Saskatchewan   page 87-88 Wikipedia- SaskPower Rural Electrification – PDF Future CBC News Article – Electricity in Saskatchewan Blog Post – Saskatchewan’s Electricity Future SaskPower – Generation Options Present SaskPower – How power gets from us to you

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