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Grade 7 – SMART Challenge

Today we prove our SMARTS Trivia Please Geoguessr Multipopword

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Grade 8 Final Project – Water Systems Video

To complete our study of water systems we will be making a video that models a natural water system. The outcome of this assignment is: Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian landscape. [DM, SI] Indicators: Create a written, visual, physical, or dramatic representation of the processes that […]

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Lake Lenore Water Issues

Carrot River Watershed Map What makes his watershed unique? List issues that have arisen in the past few years. Star Phoenix -June 2007 Star Phoenix –  June 2010 Western Producer Article – April 11, 2011 Western Producer Article – April 14, 2011 Sask News Release – Sept 2011 Humboldt Journal – Sept 2011  

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Battle of the Solar System Videos

You decide the winner! Hunt for Alien Worlds  Origins of the Solar System  

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Carbon Footprint Links

How Stuff Works    Good – Better – Best 1. The Nature Conservatory 2. Kids Carbon Footprint Calculator 3. Carbon Footprint LTD

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Watershed Links

First Nation water use Saskatchewan Map Saskatchewan watersheds Canada Watersheds  

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Grade 8 – Unit 4 – Water Systems On Earth

Posted by hilld on April 22, 2013  Comments(0) Our next unit is all abut the interaction between water and our Earth. There are 3 sections that are covered by 3 outcomes Analyze the impact of natural and human-induced changes to the characteristics and distribution of water in local, regional and national ecosystems. Examine how wind, water, and ice […]

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Tuskegee Airmen and Flight

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Grade 6- X-15 Interactive

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Grade 6 – History of Flight

History of Aviation Links Canada Silver Dart  Canadian Women in Aviation Apollo 11 Command Module  Canadian Aviation Timeline He-162 Smithsonian Museum Canadian Aviation And Space Museum Wright Brothers Wright Flyer

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